Smoke problem on chimney with curved or horizontal flue

The structure of the houses often does not allow the construction of a chimney that can have a vertical flue.
In some cases, in fact, if you want to enjoy the charm of a beautiful fireplace, you are forced to use flues that have curves and sometimes even horizontal sections

However, flue pipes with curves or even horizontal ones inevitably cause a non-optimal draft of the chimney smoke.
In fact, it is clear that a horizontal or curved flue, for a physical matter we could say, can present many difficulties in drafting the smoke compared to a totally vertical flue (which can also clearly have draft problems, but quite the opposite. genus).

In fact, there are those who may think that the solution could be to renovate the house, moving the entire chimney and modifying the flu: but this would not guarantee a safe solution anyway because the problem of chimney smoke could also derive from other factors, the only sure thing would be a conspicuous use of time and money.
A quick and economical solution to eliminate the chimney smoke problem is to install a forced draft motor.

An electric chimney smoke extractor is a tool that allows you to solve the smoke problem of the flu even if it has curves or is horizontal.
Our customer clearly shows that even at speed 3 alone the draft of his chimney is excellent.

The Gemi electric smoke extractor for the chimney is in fact characterized by a speed regulator that allows you to choose a variable power from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6. We can note, among other things, how, despite the Gemi electric smoke extractor being placed at the third speed, there is a total absence of noise inside the apartment.

The flue in question is even perfectly horizontal for the first 6 meters and only with the Gemi electric smoke extractor is it possible to obtain such a satisfactory result.
A wisp of smoke does not enter the house, against all laws of physics, in fact, even when the chimney is cold, the draft of the Gemi electric smoke extractor for the chimney is perfectly efficient.

Without an electric smoke extractor, in fact, there could never be a normal smoke aspiration.

Since 1983, Gemi Elettronica has been the world leader in smoke extractors for chimneys, the goal set at the time of its birth is to solve the problem of smoking in the home for anyone and with any form of flue. Strong wind, long flues, short flues or, as in this case, even horizontal flues do not hinder the extraordinary work carried out by the Gemi electric smoke extractor.

Externally the flue after the curve rises for another 5/6 meters until it reaches the exit, which in this case is round.
In fact, Gemi Elettronica allows you to place round adapters useful for flue pipes with round outlets or adjustable brackets suitable for those who have a square / rectangular flue outlet.
In total, the flu, between the horizontal, vertical and curved parts, is almost 11 meters high and the Gemi electric smoke extractor for the chimney has no difficulty in carrying out the task for which it was designed.

The Gemi Elettronica electric smoke extractor is the only one capable of allowing a correct draft of a horizontal flue.

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