Does your fireplace or barbecue come out of smoke? The solution to the problem is the Gemi electric smoke extractor

The chimney extractor fan Gemi is the only certified solution capable of giving an answer to the problem of smoke from the chimney in the home.

Salvatore da Catania has a fireplace in the countryside that he uses as a barbecue; before buying the Gemi smoke turret there were draft difficulties.
The lit fireplace made the entire apartment unusable, after the purchase of the Gemi smoke detector, the customer solved all the smoke problems generated by the fireplace.
The final result is extraordinary, the customer is fully satisfied.

Note the considerable height of the chimney, but despite this the Gemi electric smoke extractor is still able to perform its task perfectly: the final result is unique in its kind, the problem of smoke caused by the barbecue has been completely solved.
You can see the incredible difference in the result that occurs when the Gemi electric smoke extractor is on (left photo) compared to when it is off (right photo).
When turned on, the Gemi electric smoke extractor solves the problem completely, while when turned off the smoke returns. The smoke is pulled in a very effective way by the Gemi chimney fan; everything is sucked out of the house making the fireplace finally fully usable.
It is important to underline that the Gemi electric smoke extractor is capable of solving this problem by keeping doors and windows closed; and considering that fireplaces are used above all in winter when it is cold, it is a fundamental aspect that must be taken into account.

Our customer activates the speed regulator (which allows you to adjust the suction force from a minimum power of 1 up to a maximum of 6) directly from the sixth speed; sixth speed which, as you can see, also facilitates the ignition of the fire itself. However, it should be noted that the Gemi electric smoke extractor is obviously effective even when the power is decreased to 4. It was in fact created to be perfectly effective at any speed.

The Gemi smoke extractor positioned on the roof, at the exit of the flu, is equipped with adjustable brackets for square or rectangular exits as in this case. In the event that the exit of the flue is round, the problem does not exist, however, because by providing the measurement of the external diameter of the same, the round adapter will be given which will allow you to position the Gemi smoke extractor on the flue.
The Gemi chimney fan externally is entirely painted both for aesthetic reasons and to increase its durability over the years. In fact, it does not require maintenance during the years of its use and only thanks to its power can it remove about 70% of soot that is created inside the flue.

You can see the movement of the fan placed at the fourth speed which allows an excellent smoke draft.

The starting capacitor, as in the professional Gemi chimney fan in question, is placed externally so as to be far from the heat sources; which allows the Gemi electric smoke extractor to resist even a prolonged fire, with a resistance to high temperatures that reaches up to 700 ° C. The connection is brought from the starter box to the speed regulator, assembly is very simple; for those with a little dexterity it can also be done do-it-yourself.

In fact, you can find video-tutorials of the assembly also on youtube

With a simple purchase, the Gemi chimney fan, our customer can finally enjoy its embers and have a nice barbecue in its beautiful countryside.

Gemi Elettronica produces electric smoke extractor for fireplaces, barbecues, pizzerias, restaurants and ovens, guaranteeing quality and functionality.
The Gemi chimney fan allows you to achieve the maximum satisfaction of its customers.

Gemi Elettronica with its chimney fan is the answer to the problem of chimney smoke in the house.