How is the Gemi Elettronica chimney fan assembled?

One of the many features of Gemi Elettronica's smoke extractor for fireplaces is that the assembly is do-it-yourself.
In fact, you do not need a specialized technician to do it, if you have a little dexterity with the chimney puller you can also do-it-yourself

The Gemi Elettronica chimney puller can be mounted on any flue, whatever its shape. In fact, it can be mounted both on round flues and on square or rectangular flues.

In the event that you have a flue with a round pipe, the external diameter must be communicated and Gemi Elettronica will supply the smoke extractor for fireplaces with a round adapter of the correct size.
The external diameter must be communicated because the adapter at the base of the chimney puller must be inserted externally with respect to the outlet of the flu.

If, on the other hand, the flue outlet has a square or rectangular shape, Gemi Elettronica will provide the chimney puller with a kit of adjustable brackets.
The adjustable brackets can be adapted in a square or rectangular shape in sizes ranging from 20x20cm up to 43x43cm. Once the chimney puller package has been opened, the first thing you will see are the adjustable brackets with assembly instructions and the speed regulator.

The first thing to do is to take the measurements from the flue outlet, so as to adjust the adjustable brackets already in the pack by calculating 1 centimeter more than the outlet measurements.
The brackets are bolted to the base of the chimney puller with the screws supplied in the package by Gemi Elettronica.
Position the chimney puller on the flue and lock it with the two largest screws present in the pack.

In the event that you have a pipe inside a square wall, and the two exits are at the same level, the chimney puller must be installed with square or rectangular adjustable brackets, covering the empty space between the pipe and the wall with mortar or sheet metal.
If, on the other hand, you have more round flues inside a square wall, you must extend the flue where you need to insert the chimney puller and install the model with a round adapter.
If the size of the flue exceeds 43x43 centimeters (for example 50x50 centimeters), place the base of the smoke extractor for fireplaces directly on the outlet, fishing it on the masonry at the 4 corners where 4 holes are already provided and using the larger brackets as a support.

Finally, if only two of the four sides are greater than 43 centimeters and the other two less than 43 centimeters (for example 45x40 centimeters), the installation of the chimney puller must be carried out with the smallest brackets.
The last step to take, before you can make the most of your fireplace thanks to the electric smoke extractor from Gemi Elettronica, is the electrical connection.

The connection can be made in two ways: either outside the flue with the 3x1.5 cable, or inside the flue using our high temperature resistant cable which must be purchased separately.

We then start from the chimney puller and go down the cable along the flue up to the speed regulator, which is usually placed in the house. In the speed regulator you need to connect the two wires of the chimney puller (where it is written MOTOR), the two common wires of the grounding of the system and of the chimney puller, and the two power supply wires (where it is written 220 V).
At the end of these simple and quick steps, the Gemi Elettronica chimney puller is ready to be used to eliminate the problem of chimney smoke.