Does strong wind blow smoke from your fireplace into your home? The Gemi chimney fan is the solution

The Gemi smoke extractor for the chimney is able to allow an exceptional draft of your flu even with a strong wind or other adverse weather conditions.

It will have happened many times that when the winds change and in certain climatic conditions your chimney was unable to have a sufficient draft.
Smoking in the house is a problem that distinguishes many fireplaces and that is accentuated, in some cases, especially in particular circumstances: such as strong winds.
With its power, in fact, the chimney fan reaches up to 3800 cubic meters / hour and therefore also manages to counteract an extreme condition that cannot be predicted, such as strong wind.You can see from our customer's video review that despite a very strong wind, practically a storm that almost carries away the trees, the Gemi chimney extractor performs its task perfectly.

The smoke rises along the flu and comes out of it, as if the wind were not there. Furthermore, if your concern is that there may be little stability of the Gemi smoke extractor placed on the roof in case of strong wind, you can rest assured because, both in the case in which it is a smoke extractor for chimneys with adjustable brackets (therefore with flue outlet square or rectangular flue) whether it is a smoke extractor for fireplaces with a round adapter, the Gemi smoke extractor is extremely stable: as if it were, with both solutions, anchored to the flue.

One of the main features of the Gemi electric smoke extractor is that when turned off it does not hinder the natural escape of smoke; so if you have a fireplace that smokes only with certain winds, you can easily turn off the Gemi smoke extractor because when it is turned off it will not affect the smoke output.
On the other hand, the ability of the smoke extractor to avoid the dispersion of the ash into the environment during the cleaning of the fireplace and at the same time, therefore, totally reduce the inhalation of carcinogenic fumes that come out of the chimney.

The chimney fan also allows, thanks to its structure, to prevent drops of water from entering the flue in case of heavy rain. At the base of the protective grid, in fact, it has a very slight inclination and a small rise in the base structure that allows it to hinder the entry of water drops.

Only the Gemi electric smoke extractor is able to fight smoke even in adverse climatic conditions.

Gemi Elettronica and the chimney fans are the solution to the problem of smoke caused by strong winds.