Electric Fence: Do boars destroy your land? With Gemi you solve your problem now!

The Gemi electric fence responds to your need to counter the destructive action of wild boars that destroy your land.

The presence of wild boars represents a real problem both for safety on the roads and for agriculture which is one of the strong points of our economy.
Our nation is very famous in fact for the large presence of unique products in the world (DOP and IGP products): Wines, Extra virgin olive oil to name but a few that give the possibility of work to many companies and that are put at risk by the problem of the presence of wild boars.

The problem of wild boars obviously also affects small farmers, who see months and months of hard work destroyed in one fell swoop.

The solution that Gemi Elettronica makes available is the electric fence, which guarantees a solid and safe protection of the grounds.

In fact, an electric fence for animals constitutes a "psychological" barrier that allows animals to be kept inside or outside a certain area. The electric fence was designed with the intention of creating a safety situation: for the land, for the human being and for the animals themselves.

The construction of the electric fence takes place with the connection of the energiser to the conductor wire; 2 wires are started from the energiser: the red one connected to the electric fence and the black one, on the opposite side, for grounding. Grounding must be done with the yellow-green cable connected to 3 galvanized poles placed 3 meters away from each other and inserted into the ground at a depth of 80 cm. On the opposite side to the ground, then we start with the fence which must be done in a closed circuit. The poles of the electric fence must be positioned at a distance of 4/5 meters between them.

Gemi Elettronica for the electric fence has thought of every need that the customer may have; in fact, several models of Energisers are available.

They are produced by Gemi:
E / 220 energiser for fences powered only by the 220 volt mains

This is a very low power consumption model, in fact it is estimated that it is about 6w. It is recommended for fences close to a 220 volt network, with an extension not exceeding 2 km.
Extra strong E / 220 energiser for fences powered only by the 220 volt mains

It is recommended for fences close to a 220 volt network, with an extension not exceeding 7/8 km.
B12 / 2 energizer powered by 12 volt battery

It is very powerful, with very low absorption, it can be used with any 12 Volt car battery. It is recommended to use a very common 12V 40AH car battery for this type of energiser.

It is possible to combine the B12 / 2 energizer with the solar panel, which acts as a battery charger, so as to have uninterrupted use of the energizer without operator intervention.
9volt / 220 Volt energiser

The battery has three different powers to allow energy savings in small fences. It is powered by both a 9 volt 90 ah battery and a 220 volt network via a power supply.

At maximum power, more than 10 hectares of land can be fenced off. When powered by 220 volts it is even more powerful and consumes only 5 watts of electricity.

The Gemi energiser for electric fences is built in compliance with the European standard CEI EN 60335-2-76 specific for this type of product.
In addition to the Energizer, it is also necessary to use the conductor wire and insulators for wooden poles (photo on the left) or for iron poles (photo on the right).
For the problem of wild boars it is advisable to use the 6mm lead wire, which is characterized by the presence of 8 lead wires.

It is possible to choose 3 different types of wire length depending on the needs (250m, 500m, 1000m).
For smaller animals, on the other hand, it is possible to use the 4mm lead wire which has 6 lead wires inside or the 2.2mm lead wire which is made up of 4 lead wires.

All conductive wires have among their characteristics a strong tensile strength and a strong resistance to frost.
With the Gemi electric fence you can finally relax and fully dedicate yourself to your work, without the risk of it being destroyed by wild boars.

The problem of wild boars is now a common plague and the electric fence, designed and sold by Gemi Elettronica, represents the solution.